"TIP: Script para creacion de usuarios en Linux"

In case you need to define a lot of users in a Unix/Linux box, this small script could save you some time:

{% codeblock create_bulk_user.sh %} !/bin/bash file=.user_list.txt. for i in cat $file do user=echo $i | cut -d.;. -f1 pass=echo $i | cut -d.;. -f2 echo .Creating user: $user. useradd -m $user && echo .DONE. || echo .FAIL. echo .Creating entry in login.allow for user: $user. echo .$user all. >> /etc/login.allow echo .Setting the password for user: $user. echo .$pass. | passwd .stdin .$user. && echo .DONE. || echo .FAIL. echo .$user DONE. echo done

You just need to create the "user_list.txt" file containing your list of users/passwords in this format:

{% codeblock %} usuario1;pass1 usuario2;pass2

The script will create the user, set the password, and create an entry in allow.login