New look. Same engine

Dear reader, if you have ever been in a (long) business trip, you would problably agree with me on this:

"At the end, long business trips are pretty boring" (ok, ok, it depends on the place)

I have been in Amman (Jordan) for the past few weeks. I have seeing what could be seen around (not that much IMO), but since now I have some "spare" time, I have decided to take another look at Octopress. (I still think I would be better off without Ruby though :-P)

So, as you can see, I have modified the CSS of the site to make it cleaner and lighter, because I never really like dark styles.

Actually, this is how looked like in 2005 (I found this in

{% img center /img/bynarioSS-feb2006.JPG '2006' %}

And this is in 2011 (I hosted this site in blogger for a few months):

{% img center /img/bynarioSS-oct2011.JPG '2011' %}

And finally, since June 2012, I have been running Octopress with just some small modifications over the default theme:

{% img center /img/bynarioSS-oct2014.JPG '2014' %}

Now I just need to stop procrastinating and post more often... Easier said than done!