Issues with Synology 2FA

Hi there

After a few months in the shelf, today I reconnected my Synology DS215j, and to my surprise, I wasn't able to login via DiskStation GUI due to a problem with my autenthication:

{% img center /img/synology_ntp_mismatch.jpg 'DSM Error' %}

It was weird because:

a) (you are going to love this one...) "It was working before"
b) I could login to my NAS via SSH with the same user/pass, so it was clearly a problem with the 2 Factor Authethication

Once in SYNOLOGY CLI, I realized the system time was wrong:

{% img center /img/synology_2fa_error.png 'ntp mismatch' %}

As you can (hopefully) see in the picture, the time in the SYNOLOGY CLI (23:58:13) differs from the one in web GUI (23:54) (and the system time in my MBP as well)

So I connected to the NAS with root password (rather sooner than later I would need to "enable" sudo and block root user in SSH) and updated the date by running:

ntpdate -u

(If this isn't working, try killing ntpd and run ntpdate -u again)

After that, I managed to login using my 2FA code as expected...


PS: First post using github as text editor... Let's see how this goes.