Quick Thought III - Mobiles at home

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Those are the mobiles at my place at the moment (only half of them are mine), all of them are in "working" condition, but 90% of them are basically useless... I keep all the old Nokia phones just as a piece of history.

A few things come to mind:

  • No way we can sustain this level of electronic wasting. And recycling just means dumping this e-waste someplace in Africa
  • The smarter the cellphone, the dumber the people.
  • Blackberry had the best keyboard ever, until big screens came out and swiftkey took the throne.
  • I don't need a faster/bigger phone. I need a longer battery life!
  • What the hell happened to you Nokia??

As God is my witness (thanks for the quote Scarlett), I'll try not to buy any other smartphone as long as my OnePlus One does the job

UPDATE Aug 25th 2017 I kept my word!!! Sort of :)

I haven't bought a new phone, but I am using someone else's iphone 6... Reusing is good!