2015 The year of the podcasts

Well, I know I might be terribly late on this, but for me, 2015 has been the year I have (re)discovered the podcasts...

According to Wikipedia podcasts are around 10 years old, but I never really put too much attention into them until this year. I have been an avid user of RSS feeds since long time ago, so I never really had the need of listening to other people's opinions when you can read a blog post about it (way faster than listening).

But, as it happens to almost everybody, I reached a point in life where I don't have time to spare in reading +100 post every day... Adulthood sucks, I guess (and I don't have family responsabilities, I cannot imagine how people survive to parenting.)

Earlier this year I was in a business trip in Tokyo when spring came, and with the nice weather I started to take long walks (one of the best ways to disconnect from work and with a lof of health benefits according to some studies).

First I tried to take my Amazon kindle with me, but it slows you down and you end up walking really slowly. Then I tried with audiobooks, not a bad solution at all, but not cheap (more expensive than kindle books for sure), and I'd rather read at the same time I enjoy a cup of coffee...

So not sure why, podcasts came back to my mind... I had already listen some of them in my laptop every now and then, but never really bothered to use my Android phone as a media player. And they were exactly what I was after:

1 - They are not a replacement for the blog post, but it might be the closest thing.

2 - You can listen to them while you walk/run/conmute/whatever.

3 - They are really cheap (some of them have sponsors or ask you for donation).

4 - There are several nice Android apps that handle the subscrition for you.

The number of available podcast is incredible. In my case I am mostly interested in technology, but I am sure that, on any given topic you are insterested in, there are several podcasts out there waiting for you (speaking english makes it easier of course).

This is my current Podcast Addict subscription list:

Give them a try, because some of them are really really good.