Free ranting about iPhone6

Here's a few things about Apple iPhone6 that have been bugging me lately:

1 - I was asked to delete all the photos from an iPhone6... I was hoping it was going to be a matter of connecting the phone to my laptop (MBP), click here, click there, select all, delete and you're done... Well, apparently, it is easier to put a rocket in Mars than deleting all the freaking photos from an iPhone6. Shame on you Apple... you made my life miserable for 1 hour (I had to delete all the photos from the phone itself.... 5467 photos!)

2 - Playing around with the same phone, I pressed the home button (btw, who can live with only one button?? for everything!! are you crazy?) for long enough to invoke Siri, with the phone locked... And she answered to me!!! Let me repeat it.. I long-pressed the home button, I asked Siri to "call mum" (not my mum obviously because it wasn't my phone) from another person locked phone... I would say it is a huge security flaw to allow anyone to make calls that way. Shame on you Apple, again.


PS1: I am not an Android/Google fanboy... I own a MBP and I cannot complain, it just works.

PS2: Probably these two things I mentioned are not new if you are an iPhone user, which I am not...

PS3: Ranting is free :P