My 2016 in photos

(Pretty big pictures, sorry about that)

Saying hello to another year with some pictures... 2016 is been a good year, both personally and professionally:

  • I've been working in Japan for several months again... Best place for living as expat (IMO)

{% img center /img/2016_japan.jpg 'Japan' %}

  • April: I never really liked south east Asia that much (too hot for my taste), but I have to say I had a really good time in Vietnam and Cambodia... Looking forward to going back there soon!

{% img center /img/2016_vietnam_cambodia.jpg 'vietnam_cambodia' %}

  • July: Raising sun at the top of Mt Fuji

{% img center /img/2016_fujisan.jpg 'fuji' %}

  • August: Hawaii is the place to be. Period.

{% img center /img/2016_hawaii.jpg 'hawaii' %}

  • December: Vienna (European capital of Xmas) & Salzburg

{% img center /img/2016_austria.jpg 'austria' %}

I hope 2017 is as good as 2016, although I'd like to make some changes...

Happy New Year everyone


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