2017 resolutions

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Another entry in my personal online notebook (considering the number of visits of this site, I don't think it should be called blog or website)

We are only 11 day into the new year, so it is not too late for my 2017 resolutions. I'd rather post them here than keep them in a piece of paper on my desktop because, apparently, making goals "public" helps to succeed (or I can be publicly shamed at the end of the year)

Here they go:

1) The classics:

  • Work out more often: At least 3 times per week. No matter if it rains or snows.
  • Eat (more) healthy: It seems I'll be stuck in Spain for a few months (at least until April), so it will be a good opportunity to prepare some green juices (I bought a blender a couple of years ago, and I think I've turned it on 2 times).
  • Read (more) books: Goodreads helps me to track my reading habits... And they are far from impressive, around 12 books per year. It doesn't sound too bad, but considering I don't have family responsibilities, it is not enough. I think I should blame Netflix for this :)
  • Study something new: There are countless online courses nowadays available for free. I've already done a couple of them in edX and I'd like to do more. Coursera has some really interesting courses as well.
  • Improve my English pronunciation: My English is quite good, but still sounds like a spaniard speaking English.

2) Job related:

  • Look for a different role/position: I've been doing pretty much the same stuff for way too long. Time to change. Period.
  • Ramp up my python skills: I am kind of stuck with Python. It is enough for my current role (system engineering in a big telco, not development) but I'd say it is not good enough if I want to do something different (more IT related).
  • Learn some new languages: Go?
  • Ansible: I've been playing with Ansible every now and then for a couple of years, creating some playbooks for myself, but nothing fancy. I don't have the opportunity to use it in my current gig, so I'd need to look for a way to include it in my daily work.

3) Hobby related:

  • Fix my home network: 1 ISP router + 1 AP router + 1 openWRT (as firewall) + 1 NAS + several PC/laptops/smartphones/raspberry pi's = a hell of a mess.
  • Soldering: I have a bunch of ESP8266 chips laying around in a box. I should put them to good use.
  • Photo library housekeeping: I have traveled a lot these past years, and I have tons of photos in my NAS that I have not even seen. It needs a cleanup.
  • Post more (and better): I registered this domain back in 2005... And, even though no one reads this (the number of daily page reads is close to zero), I like to post stuff here. It's a good way to keep things available (thanks to github of course). I'd like to post more stuff, and if possible, more interesting.

I'd say this should be enough for 2017.